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• 500 fans per box

• 7 lashes per fan
• 0.05 diameter
• Curl: C, CC, D
• Lengths(mm): 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16
• 100% handmade lashes: Improve beautify quality with 100% handmade PBT Korean silk by our best lash artist. Super natural look with matte black lashes, high responsive to glue in any temperature condition.

• Curvature retention up to 24 months: We know most of product on the market was manufacturing by industry that can’t keeping the standard curvature OF COURSE WE HAVE REFUND FOR DEFECTIVE PRODUCT!
• Quick-time fan creating: This product optimal for busy salon & trainee lash technicians (Lowest cost & Shorter time aplying lashes). More saving time for Lash Technician – Less time spent/more revenue
• Accurate curl & thickness: The Promade Narrow lashes are created in a dust-free laboratory. Before being grafted, lashes are measured accurately, classified, and curled precisely to make sure the finished fans spread evenly and go uniform together.

• Easy for beginner, who unknown make fans or can not make fans.

• All specification about curl, length, thickness easy noticed on packaging VERY EASY TO USE

? How To Use: Simply grip the amount of lashes you want, pull towards you, let them fan themselves, dip in glue, and lay

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